Sublime Mozc Input

This is Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin for Using Mozc(mozc_server) via mozc_emacs_helper

Though this plugin is intended to be used on Linux, it may work on the other platforms.





  1. Install Mozc and emacs-mozc (see official instruction).
  2. Install this plugin using Package Controll (see instruction).

Package Control

Currently not available in Official Repository

To Use Package Control, Package Control: Add Repository and add

then Package Control: Install Package Choose SublimeMozcInput

Install Mozc to Linux Using Package Control


sudo apt-get install mozc emacs-mozc

Fedora/Enterprize Linux(including CentOS)

choose and add repository (.repo) file from to your /etc/yum.repos.d/

sudo yum install mozc emacs-mozc


Basic Usage

  • ctrl+¥ to toggle mozc_mode
  • Press any character key to enter mozc_input_mode


  • space key to convert
  • tab key to show suggest

Set keybind to toggle mozc mode

Default keybind to toggle_mozc is ctrl+¥

To change this, set your keybind file (Preferences -> Key Bindings - User) like this.

{ "keys": ["ctrl+space"], "command": "toggle_mozc" }

Optional Keybindings

Kotoeri like keybindings sample

// Convert to Hiragana
{"keys": ["ctrl+j"],
 "command": "mozc_send_key",
 "args": {"key": "f6"},
 "context": [{"key": "mozc_input_mode"}]},

// Convert to Katakana
{"keys": ["ctrl+k"],
 "command": "mozc_send_key",
 "args": {"key": "f7"},
 "context": [{"key": "mozc_input_mode"}]},

// Convert to Zenkaku
{"keys": ["ctrl+l"],
 "command": "mozc_send_key",
 "args": {"key": "f9"},
 "context": [{"key": "mozc_input_mode"}]},

// Convert to Hankaku
 "command": "mozc_send_key",
 "args": {"key": "f10"},
 "context": [{"key": "mozc_input_mode"}]},

// Activate/Deactivate mozc_mode
{"keys": ["ctrl+/"], "command": "activate_mozc"},
{"keys": ["ctrl+:"], "command": "deactivate_mozc"}

Optional Settings

Set optional settings in MozcInput.sublime-settings.

You can access via Preferences -> Package Settings -> Mozc Input -> Settings - User

  "mozc_emacs_helper": "/path/to/mozc_emacs_helper",
  // default: "mozc_emacs_helper"
  // or you can use mozc_emacs_helper over ssh
  // "mozc_emacs_helper": "ssh hostname mozc_emacs_helper",

  "mozc_mode_line": "[日本語]",
  // default: "[Mozc]"

  "mozc_input_mode_line": "[入力中]",
  // default: "✎Mozc"

  "mozc_highlight_style": "function",
  // default: "comment"

  "mozc_use_quick_panel_convert": true,
  // default: false
  // if you wanna use quick_panel for convert, set true

  "mozc_use_quick_panel_suggest": false
  // default: true
  // if you don't wanna use quick_panel for suggest, set false


This plugin is tested on Mac OSX (10.7), Ubuntu12.04 and Windows 7.

If you find a problem on your environment, report it.

@yasuyuky on Twitter